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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

My Liebster Award!

The lovely Karen Aminadra has tagged me in the Leibster  Award blog hop. Thanks for choosing me Karen. This is a great way of getting readers to know you better and first up I have to post 11 random facts about myself. Following these, are the questions that Karen has asked me to answer. Hope you guys find this intersting!    
Random fact numero um!
I was brought up in South Australia until I was 16. 
Random fact numero dois!
I am half Portugese.                                                                         
Random fact numero três!
I sing like an ostrich on heat.
Random fact numero quatro!
I once met actress Mollie Sugden from Are You Being Served signing autographs and asked her how her pussy was.
Random fact numero cinco!
I was named after 50's&60's actress Paula Prentiss
Random fact numero seis!
I have a Dane Axe in my car.
Random fact numero sete!
I used to play the flute and saxaphone when i was a teen.
Random fact numero oito!
I hate spiders.
Random fact numero nove!
I once had two chickens called Charles and Charlotte. We ate them for Christmas.
Random fact numero dez!
I am addicted to Chilli tos.                                     
Random fact numero onze!
My dream is to visit Norway, the land of my distant ancestors.     

Here are the Questions that Karen has asked me.

1) Do you speak another language?
I dont fluently speak another language but I can speak a smattering of Portuguese and French and am trying to get a grip on Olde English. I wish we English could speak Olde English like the Welsh speak Welsh! Lol!
2)Is there a place in the world that you have always wanted to visit? Where/What is it?
I have always wanted to visit the Pyramids in Egypt's Valley of the Kings but now I feel a need to visit Norway which we Loftings believe to be the place of our ancestors. Perhpas one day we will do a mass Lofting expedition. The Pyramids will always be one of the things to do before i die though.
3)If you could go back in time, where would you go and why?
There are many places and events that I would like to go back to. I guess the most major one would be to experience what it was like to be in a battle without getting hurt lol. And perhaps to be a worker in the Tower when the princes went missing. Someone must have known what happened to them and who killed them and why. It looks increasingly like Richard did do it, but I really would like to know for certain.
4)If you could go back in time in your own lifetime, what would you do? Would you change anything?
There are some very dark things that I would change, but if I changed too much my life might have gone so differently, I would not have had the beautiful kids I have today. so some of the dark things would have to stay, however all the awful things I have experienced in my life have made me the person I am today. As they say, what doesnt kill you makes  you stronger!    

5)Which of the characters you have written about is your favourite and why?
It really has to be my main character Wulfhere. He is quite flawed and makes terrible mistakes in his life but he always tries to do the right things for everyone. Essentially he is very moralistic but he cannot seem to put his priciples consistently into action. As time goes on, he becomes more and more flawed as his efforts only serve to perpetuate his mistakes.
6)Is there someone you would love to put in one of  your novels and kill off? I wont ask who just tell us why?
Karen I have no problem divulging who. It would be William the Conqueror. Unfortunately if i gave him the death i'd like to give him I would be changing history. LOL. Why? Because he devastated England and its people with such terrible rapaciousness and disregard for English culture and way of life.
7)Are you nostalgic? What or when for?
I guess I often get nostalgic thinking about growing up in OZ. I had a fantastic childhood over there. It was a safe, happy time for me, full of adventure and fun and we had a lovely community growing up in our street.
8)What was your favourite band/group/singer when you were growing up?
Now to show my age! As I grew up in Australia, I was a great fan of a band who called themselves Sherbet. I loved them so much it hurt! My favourite singer was David Essex, those blue eyes and dark hair absolutely hypnotised me! He wasnt a great singer but his music was catchy and he was a lovely man.
9)Who was your first kiss with?
It was a boy at my ballroom dancing class. He was about 2 years older than me and i was only 11. I remember it was not very nice. I felt like i was being swallowed.
10)Have you ever thought about writing in a different genre? what is it and why?
Yes, I already have a modern day chiller/thriller in mind put on hold at the moment called Killing the Sandman.
11)What is the one thing in the world that you cannot live without and why?
I think it has to be my computer! It keeps me in touch with people, places and things! 


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